Thursday, 28 June 2012

Muara Jambi Temple

The site of Muara Jambi Temple is located in the Village of Muara Jambi, Sub-District of Maro Sebo, District of Muara Jambi, Jambi Province. The width of the site is about 2612 hectare and span about 12 kilometres off the edge of Batanghari River. There are about 82 temples that are scattered in this temple site. This is the biggest temple site in Indonesia and the uniqueness of this site is the sacred area which are rounded by crossed ancient canal that relate between one temple with the other temple. This site is the heritage of ancient Malayan Kingdom with Mahayana Budhism background in the period of 8th century and continued until 14th century. The existence of Muara Jambi Temple at first was known from the report by British Officer named S.C Croke in the year of 1820 which was on duty to visit the remote areas along Batanghari River. He recorded that between the community settlement, there was opinion that Muara Jambi once upon a time become the capital city of an ancient kingdom. Crooke had the chance to see the bricks remain and the stone sculpture between the crowd of the jungle near the village.

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